What are No Deposit Bonuses?

To form a better understanding of £10 NO DEPOSIT BONUS, a type of No Deposit Bonus, it is imperative that the latter is first defined. 

No Deposit Bonus is a type of promotional scheme offered by casinos to expand their customer base. As the name suggests, casinos give away considerable bonus sums for free, in exchange, players must go through the casino-specified registration process to get their accounts activated. To fully appreciate this scheme, it is important to note that some bonuses are not entirely free of payment. Casinos also offer free bonuses to their players but with the attachment of deposits. Meaning, before a player can get their free spin in online slots or other types of bonuses, they must first shell out some loose change. In contrast, No Deposit Bonuses give the same opportunity to players free of any monetary commitment.  Moving forward, the type of bonus and frequency in No Deposit Bonuses vary from one site to another. To illustrate, some casinos habitually present special offers like welcome bonuses and loyalty special programs, while others scarcely do. Some casinos also offer different rewards to players. Case in point, there are £10 and £5 No Deposit Bonuses proliferating in the market today. Likewise, bonus sums are subjected to different wagering requirements. Some casinos offer lower wagering requirements making the win easier to cash out. 

How do ‘£10 No Deposit Bonuses’ work?

This type of bonus works exactly how it sounds. Players are credited with £10 in their account, completely free, by signing up and registering to online casinos. The £10 bonus can be used in any game the casino decides. This offer is usually presented to new customers but some still include existing and inactive members in their target demographic. Whoever the focus of this promotional scheme is, the purpose remains the same which is to recruit new and hopefully active players in the insanely addictive world of online casino gaming.   £10 No Deposit Bonuses, as with other bonuses, are played according to the rules set by the casino that offers them. These conditions vary from casino to casino so players must pay full attention to the requirements presented. Oftentimes, wagering requirements are present. Furthermore, casinos also set expirations and strict policies in deadline compliance.  To get a taste of what these rules are, below is a sample condition of what potential players should do to enter and cash-out the winnings: 

What to get?   

New players are able to claim £10 completely free when they register via a PC, mobile phone or tablet       

The free £10 bonus will be credited after successful registration, no deposit required.

How to claim?      

Follow the quick registration process and get your account activated.·       Within 72 hours the £10 bonus will become available in the player’s account.

How to use?      

The £10 bonus can be played on slots which do not carry a progressive jackpot. £10 bonus is valid for 14 days only.

Who are Qualified?    

Only 1 person per household or IP Address may claim the registration bonus. Other household members may still register and be eligible for other bonuses and promotions

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements or turnover requirements, as some casinos call it, is the number of times a player must play the bonus money before they are allowed to withdraw their winnings. For instance, if a player wins $ 60 from his/her free spin, and the game asks for a 5x wagering requirement, the player must bet the product of the amount won and wagering requirement before he/she can release the winnings. This is how it will work:  

Winnings ($ 60) x Wagering Requirement (5) = $ 300 

Using the example above as a reference, the player who won $ 60 for an x5 wagering requirement, must wager $ 300 before he/she can collect the money credited in his account.

What are the pros of playing ‘£10 No Deposit Bonuses’?

  1. Casinos also offer different amounts of money but £10 is one of the highest values offered in today’s market.
  2. It allows players to make quick bucks in the comforts of their own home without inheriting any financial risk. By simply creating an account or signing up to try a new game, players can be awarded £10 to use for the casino-specified game.  
  3. It connects players to games they won’t necessarily be attracted to. By having the chance to experience a game for free, players will more likely be open to inspecting their features and assessing their compatibility with their playing skill and style.  
  4. Players can instantly try out their skill level in a new game without having to cough up a few bucks. It allows gamers to have a real gauge of their skill compatibility with the game before risking any money to play them.  
  5. This type of promotional scheme offers no delays, no risks, and no problems. The steps to sign-up and register are easy to follow and free of charge. In addition, players can sign-up either by mobile, phone or tablet.    
  6. The £10 bonus money can be used in a variety of games so players can be exposed in multiple free trials through this advertising strategy.