Free Bonus No Deposit

Get bonuses absolutely free!

Imagine yourself as the eager casino player going through site after site undecided of which online casino to deposit money in and start betting. Well, worry no more because online casinos everywhere normally put out the bait and it’s up to the discerning player whether to go with it or not. More often than not, the lure here is offered as a reward system as bonus prizes. And how else would you attract players than to give out free spins? So, placing their best foot forward, online casinos pretty much compete with one another to offer the best free bonus no deposit. Because, honestly, placing yourself in a player’s shoes, it would make sense to try out the casino first before committing time and money to it.

And because free bonus no deposits are normally used to lure in new players to peruse the online casino, these are offered as welcome packages before everything else. It’s simple enough to comprehend. Let those curious about the online casino have the chance to explore it and try out the games offered. Then, once they’re hooked, players will gladly put in cash to continue playing. Add more prizes with each deposit and you’ve got some loyal patrons. 

Two Types of Online Casino Bonuses

  • No Deposit Bonus      
  • Deposit Bonus

What is a no deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a freebie usually given at the beginning of the playing process. As part of a welcome package, it requires the player to sign up for an account or register. Then once the account is activated, you can go and claim your free bonus no deposit. In the most basic sense, a no deposit bonus does not require any initial payment prior to playing. This allows the player to explore the casino and try out the games for themselves. But another phase to this bonus is that it allows players to get a feel of the games offered before actually placing any bets. They get to review the game personally and through their own experience and at their own accord before making the decision whether to play it or not and ultimately, to join the online casino.

What is a deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a reward given to players who make a deposit to the casino. However, deposit bonuses are not given with every deposit. These rewards are given to the first deposit of the player and can amount to free spins on certain games, free plays in the casino, and even cash bonuses that can be used to play in specific games. These rewards also extend to the second deposit normally where cashback bonuses are given aside from free spins. But in some cases, with the more generous casinos, deposit bonuses are also given after the third, fourth, and even fifth deposits into the casino.

No deposit bonus vs. Deposit bonus

As an ostensible reward system offered by casinos, free bonus no deposit also indicates the casino’s generosity. Because let’s face it, generous offers are more attractive to new players, especially those still looking for the perfect online casino for them. On the other hand, a deposit bonus is a reverse. Before anything else, an initial deposit is needed to claim whatever rewards are offered.

Because no deposit bonuses are free, they are most often offered at the start. This is where deposit bonuses come in. Because they are rewards given with the initial deposit and sometimes the succeeding deposits, players are enticed to keep playing in the casino and betting on their games because of such incentive. These bonuses also keep players loyal and ensure their continuous patronage.

But apart from bonuses, online casinos will also include a number of promotions to keep things interesting and of course, for the players to look forward to something within the casino platform. Promotions make sure that the players’ gaming experience does not stagnate and are offered in some casinos as a weekly event such as Cashback Mondays. Each promotional event has its own theme and set of regulations as well as a roster of freebies that come with it. Then, casinos may also offer promotions that are more sporadic in nature, surprising players. The players are then encouraged to constantly check the News & Promotions page to make sure that they don’t miss out on any great deals. 

How to activate your free bonus no deposit

Any type of bonus needs to be activated but no deposit bonuses most especially. And to activate the free bonus no deposit, a player must sign up as instructed. Some casinos will ask players to log in after. Normally, the message sent to the player’s email address or a pop-up on the actual site will contain the activation link. Click on the link, follow the given instructions if needed afterward, and finally have the bonus activated. Some casinos will offer a list of both no deposit and deposit bonuses for the players to choose from depending on the casino’s set-up.

Types of Free Bonus No Deposit

There is a variety of free bonus no deposit offered in order to lure newcomers into the online casino:

Free Spins

This bonus includes a certain number of spins for specific games as a reward.

Casino Cash

This bonus gives cash bonuses that can be used within the casino.

Free Play

This bonus gives credits to players which can be used on certain games specified by the casino.