What are free spins no deposits?

Free spins no deposit is a type of bonus offered by Casinos to entice players in trying out games by waiving deposit fees on online slots. Normally, online casinos require cash deposits before allowing players to try a game and practice that could be discouraging as gamers need to shell out money before determining whether the game meets their preference or not. Free Spin No Deposit circumvents this dilemma by creating a win-win scenario for both the player and the game-maker. The former has a chance of bagging real money with practically zero risks of losing cash while the latter gets to encourage players to pick their game out of the thousands of competition available online.

How does ‘Free Spins Zero Deposits’ differ from ‘Free Spins?’


The difference is simple. Free Spins require players to make a deposit before earning free spins while Free Spins Zero Deposits doesn’t require any payment at all. The downside of the latter is that players will rarely get more than $10 to $25. However, considering that the game costs literally nothing, then the prize, no matter the amount, is still a sweet victory. 

How do they work?

Free spins zero deposits are usually awarded to players as a promotional campaign of online games. By asking for zero cash-out in exchange for free spins, this advertising technique piques the attention of players regardless of gaming preference. As mentioned earlier, they are usually offered to entice players to try new no deposit games. Casinos do this by offering free spins after a player has successfully created an account. Others offer it as a reward to loyal/regular players by alerting them of their free spins via email. Betspin, for instance, emails its players about new slot releases accompanied with free spins to tempt them to sign-up and play. 

Any winnings from the spin are automatically credited to the player’s balance, however, some casinos attach wagering requirements to them. Failure to meet these requirements will prohibit players from converting their winnings into real money for withdrawal. But players need not worry since casinos are required by law to practice transparency in the terms and conditions applied to cash bonuses like free spins. So long as players make reading fine prints a habit then it is impossible to miss any information about withdrawal requirements.

What are the wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements or turnover requirements, as some casinos call it, is the number of times a player must play the bonus money before they are allowed to withdraw their winnings. For instance, if a player wins $ 60 from his/her free spin, and the game asks for a 5x wagering requirement, the player must bet the product of the amount won and wagering requirement before he/she can release the winnings. This is how it will work: 

Winnings ($ 60) x Wagering Requirement (5) = $ 300 

Using the example above as a reference, the player who won $ 60 for an x5 wagering requirement, must wager $ 300 before he/she can collect the money credited in his account.

Advantages of Free Spins

Free Spins No Deposits are advertisement tools designed to entice players to try new games in exchange for free spins with zero deposits. Although it was obviously designed to promote games for the benefit of its makers, this strategy also serves plenty of advantages for gamers, as detailed below: 

1. It allows players to make quick bucks in the comforts of their own home without inheriting any financial risk. By simply creating an account or signing up to try a new game, players can be awarded multiple spins for no cost at all. 
2. This advertisement scheme allows players to familiarize themselves with a new game before depositing their own money on them. This is useful for those who want to get acquainted with various slot games but don’t necessarily want to shell out money on trial periods. 
3. It connects players to games they won’t necessarily be attracted to. By having the chance to experience a game for free, players will more likely be open to inspecting their features and assessing their compatibility with their playing skill and style.
4. It is a great way to enjoy a variety of online slots with no monetary commitment. 
5. The winnings can be re-invested and used as start-up payment for other gambling games. 

How to win money with Free Spins No Deposits

If you’re eager to capitalize on this bountiful offering, then make sure to follow these handy steps: 

  1. Find a safe and reputable casino online. There are plenty of legitimate casinos out there, some even boasting 10 years of longevity, however, there’s a chance that you’ll come across a few bogus ones. To avoid this, for starters, make sure that you’re dealing with licensed casinos. You may also check reputable sites like casinomeister.com that reveal lists of rogue casinos.
  2. Be smart- strategize. Study the slots offered by casinos to increase your chances of winning. All the best gamers are great students of the game.
  3. Go for casinos that offer the biggest bonuses. Although generally speaking, the prize money offered by Free Spins No Deposits, dwarfs in comparison to other free spins, there are still some casinos that offer more than the rest. Naturally, larger bonuses equate to larger winnings so be sure to search the world wide web for better opportunities.
  4. Pick casinos with no wagering requirements. This tip doesn’t better your chances of winning but it will be useful after the fact. Wagering requirements can be troublesome so it’s best if you find a casino that doesn’t require one.