Free Roulette

Roulette: the game which continues to captivate millions of players


To understand Free Roulette, it is imperative that we break down, analyze and understand the core mechanics and rules of the original roulette game. 

Roulette’s rules are quite straightforward. In the game, there is a wheel with alternating sections colored red and black where the numbers 1 – 36 are printed, and a green section for the number 0. Aside from the wheel, there is also the table where the same numbers and colors are printed- along with additional sections. The table is divided into two areas: the inner table where the numbers 1 – 36 are located, and the outer table where the green 0 along with group betting sections are placed. 

The game starts by players betting on what they think will be winning numbers. After all players have placed their bets on the table, the dealer spins the wheel and throws in a small ball. Whichever number the ball lands in after the wheel has stopped spinning is the winning number. While the flow and rules of roulette are easy to grasp, different strategies for betting are what adds depth to the game. 

Maximize winnings and minimize losses with different types of bets

At the start of every round or “spin” in roulette, you can choose to bet on a single number or on a group of numbers. This rule sums up the two basic betting types in roulette: inside and outside bets. 

Inside bets 

These are bets that you place on the inside table, meaning, you are basically betting that the ball ends up on that specific number. You could choose to bet on only one number or several. Different betting schemes offer different chances of a payout, so it’s important to get a gauge on your luck before you place your bet on the table.

Outside bets 

As the name implies, these bets are placed on the outer table. They are sometimes called group bets because you are now betting on a specific group or combination of numbers, not just individual ones. The common types of outside bets are the following: 

• Red or Black – you bet on the color of the winning number 
• Odd or even – you bet on whether the winning number is odd or even 
• 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 – also called the high (the winning number is higher than 18) or low (the winning number is 18 or lower)
• Dozens – these are indicated as “1st, 2nd, and 3rd 12” in the betting table. You bet that the winning number is included in the dozen you chose 
• Columns – these are usually indicated by “2 to 1” and have three designated spots. You bet that the winning number is included in the column you chose 

Free Roulette: Why beginners should try it

It is now quite clear that Roulette has simple and easy to follow rules but a ton of strategic depth behind it. For those enamored with the game but are a bit intimidated by the number of possible bet combinations or the noisy and distracting nature of the casino environment, you can go online and play roulette for free. After a couple of rounds, you’ll immediately get a good feel for the game and develop your own betting strategies. You’ll achieve familiarity with the game far quicker than any online tutorial would ever provide you. Since the basic rules and concepts of free roulette are similar to traditional betting roulette, you can easily transfer this knowledge when you start feeling confident- and lucky of course.

Free roulette is also very convenient for those who wish to play in a relaxed environment. Gone are the days when you would stand for hours in a casino- managing your energy between standing up, choosing where to bet, keeping track of how many chips you have left, and evaluating whether your payouts outweigh the risk and losses. Playing online also provides a faster pace to the game because you don’t have to wait for other players to hedge in their bets, which is perfect for those who want to focus on the game itself and not the social practices associated with it. 


Free roulette is for veterans too!

No matter how much you’ve played, there is always room for improvement in betting games. To this, playing roulette online for free is the best avenue for veteran players to test out different betting strategies and analyze risk vs potential payout scenarios. Veteran gamblers know that just because you’re betting, it doesn’t mean that you leave it all to luck. Those who want to win big in betting games would do well to study the game beforehand. Additionally, there are some online roulette games which offer a variety of features such as win multipliers. For those who want to experience a new take on roulette, while also retaining the core mechanics which make it so appealing, these spin-offs are worth a try. 

Some closing thoughts

Roulette’s popularity is due to its simple rules peppered with enough variety and gameplay depth that keep players always thinking and excited. The progress in technology has allowed these kinds of games to be transported into the digital space so that other people may also have the chance to play them, without even leaving the house. In addition to this, there are many sites which offer these games. Whether you want to play to master the game or simply to have fun, free roulette has got you covered.